Based in London and operating internationally, Medopad provides mobile applications, remote monitoring devices and wearable technology, including Apple watches, to connect patients with health care professionals.  It uses machine learning to analyse patient data to improve diagnosis, enhance treatment, predict deterioration and empower patients and carers.


Medopad technology can be adapted to meet individual patient needs, supporting care between clinical appointments by providing:

  • patients with access to the correct information and advice to help them better manage their own health; and
  • clinicians with access to remote monitoring data provided in real time, enabling them to spot important changes in the patient’s condition and intervene in a timely manner.



Medopad solutions are being built across a range of healthcare use cases, including rare diseases, metabolic diseases and cardiovascular disease.  Within cancer, for instance, Medopad aims to provide a clearer picture of patient progress via a variety of elements such as: drug side effect logs and journaling; remote patient monitoring of core vitals; medical tracking and reminders; photo sharing and questionnaires between patient and care team. This helps to gain detailed insight into patient symptoms and drive better collaboration across multi-disciplinary teams.


Availability/regulatory status

Medopad’s patient remote monitoring product has received CE marking and FDA approval.

Evidence to date


Engagement is ~75% (caveat = a patient that has not entered data for 3 months is disengaged)

All of our users, both HCPs and patients have found theMedopad platform to be very intuitive and user friendly, so implementation has gone very well.’

Our onboarding success rate is between 90-100%, depending on the deployment. We have a dedicated team of implementation managers that onboard each patient, in addition to providing patients and clinicians with telephone and email support.



Qualitative feedback

  • Clinician 1: “this is a very sensible and practical solution that we could start using right away”
  • Clinician 2: “Medopad fits in very well into our clinical workflows and didn’t take much time to learn”
  • Clinician 3: “I was impressed with the level of dedication provided to us by the Implementation managers”

Patient 1 (parent of brain cancer child): “it’s a relief not having to go to clinic to submit healthcare data, sending the information remotely means me and my child are not exhausted at the end of the day”

Patient 2 (patient with pulmonary hypertension): “it’s nice being able to do tests at home, I’m not having to travel into clinic, which is quite far away from me”


Impact for user

Patients feel more in control of their own health, and are better supported emotionally, physically and clinically through the lifecycle of their condition.

Impact for healthcare system

Medopad enables integrated care by providing a central location for all patient entered data.  Data collected over time can be analysed to improve clinical practices.  The system saves costs through higher drug adherence and compliance, more effective collaboration, and enabling patients to remain well and out of hospital.

Overall value assessment

Similar to lego, Medopad modules can be configured and integrated into healthcare companies existing platforms, which means they can be installed quicker than customer solutions and they are applicable to healthcare systems internationally.  Over time, the company hopes to build more complex algorithms and to expand its healthcare applications into other industry verticals.