In 2014 it was recognised that there was room for improvement in the care of hospitalised COPD patients. Kent Surrey Sussex Respiratory Network agreed to deliver a discharge bundle to reduce variation and improve care on discharge. KSS acute trusts agreed to measure and benchmark their success at applying the COPD bundle by reporting trust performance on providing five key quality measures to patients:

  1. Inhaler technique assessed and corrected
    1. Patient or carer has written information & understands their self management plan
    2. Provision of rescue packs
  2. Smokers referred to smoking cessation
  3. Assessment for enrolment in pulmonary rehabilitation (PR)
  4. Appropriate follow-up arranged


In order to provide more insight there are a number of follow-up questions including:

  • What was the result of the inhaler technique assessment?
  • What type of documentation was the patient given?
  • Was the patient referred to Pulmonary Rehabilitation?
  • What type of follow up was arranged?


Starting from October 2014 discharges, trusts have been encouraged to submit data on a monthly basis. The patient population for the bundle is those patients over 35 years old, discharged with a primary COPD code (J41, J42, J43, J44).